Build Trust.
Build Excitement.
Build Revenue.

Great stories are built piece-by-piece. I'll share the building process that trips our psychological and neurological levers. It's easier (and cheaper) than you think.

Build the Story

Build Trust

If you are willing be authentic and honest in your story, you'll be rewarded with trust. (95% of the time according to Neuropsychologist Paul Zak.) I'll show you the confidence to be you.

Build Excitement

We'll build a story so vivid your audience puts themselves in it. When they hear how you solved the same problem they have, your excitement becomes theirs. (Neuroscientist Uri Hasson says this works when "stories rise and burn in the living immediacy".)

Build Revenue

When you sell with facts, you have to climb a wall. When you tell a story, your audience opens the door. Story-psychologists call this Narrative Transportation Theory, and we'll use it in the story we build for you.

How We Build


Here's a secret. Every story worth telling is a story of change, so we start there. We focus on the moment of change. Why was this time different? If there isn't a change, we don't have a story. Then, after we've built the peak, we build the rest...and now we know what to include, and what to dump.

Who am I?

Meet Dan Manning

I started speaking in story as a fighter pilot, then as a speechwriter. But, when I started teaching adults how to improve collaboration, I became obsessed with learning to tell stories that work. Now, I help startup Founders (especially those with ADHD) cut through their own noise and build stories that connect with investors, customers, and employees.


"Extremely gifted"

"Dan taught me more about storytelling in 15 minutes than a $1000 course
could have taught me in a year."

LinkedIn Stories 4-Pack


Looking for more engagement, growth, and clients from LinkedIn? This is how it happens.

  • 60 Minute 1:1 Story Interview

  • I'll build 4 Stories ready to Paste into LinkedIn

  • You nurture the conversations that start

Storybuilding Sprint


Turn your experiences (or your customers') into a story that connects.

  • 60 Minute 1:on:1 Story Interview

  • I'll construct the 1st draft

  • You get a story ready to sell yourself or your business

Storybuilding Course


Hands-on, community-based course to help you build a storytelling habit

  • On-demand + Live lessons

  • 30 minutes per week

  • Supportive Community for practice and feedback

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